Give a gift of life

Programas Sociales 01

We provide free care for underprivileged children with heart disease who are unable to access the high-quality medical services and technology that they require.


Eating with Joy

Programas Sociales 02

We provide care for around 225 children who suffer from chronic or acute malnutrition in the locality of Usaquén. The children receive a comprehensive assessment and a monthly food supplement until they recover a healthy nutritional status.


Hospital Classroom

Programas Sociales 03

We guarantee the right of education of the children and adolescents, and enroll them in the educational system during their medical treatment and hospitalization.


Generación más limpia

Programas Sociales 04

We create awareness about respect for the environment and our setting, with the aim of reducing the generation of garbage within the hospital and minimizing its environmental impacts as much as possible.

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